IIDA Student Membership provides students enrolled in an interior design program the resources they need for educational and professional development, that are not available on campus.  These benefits are exclusive to IIDA Student Members and give aspiring designers unique opportunities to build professional connections that extend well after graduation.  Apply for your student membership today!!!

Campus Centers are IIDA’s version of student chapters.  They provide an environment for the development and exchange of knowledge among students, educators, and design professionals.  Participation in a Campus Center adds further value to your student membership because it involves working closely with your local IIDA Chapter or City Center to develop programs and events.

If your campus does not already have a Campus Center, take the initiative to be a founding member.  We are proud of what our Student Members accomplish, which is why we have several resources available to help you!

For more information about joining or forming a Campus Center please contact:

VP of Student Affairs

VP of Student Affairs

Angelina Trajkovski, Associate IIDA
Apollo Group

The following Southwest Chapter schools have an official Campus Center or IIDA Student Members.

Arizona State University Student Representative

Fabiola Martinez – ASU Campus Center President

Art Institute of Las Vegas Student Representative

More Info:

University of Nevada – Las Vegas Student Representative

More Info:

Northern Arizona University Student Representative

Carl E Clark – Professor at NAU
McCaleb – Professor at NAU SCC

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