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Company: Business Environments
Position: Designer
Location: Albuquerque, NM

Objective: The intent of this procedure is to establish the functions of the Designer-Furniture.


  • Attending internal meetings to review projects and build client solutions.
  • Interact with team and clients in evaluating projects and giving feedback from a design standpoint.
  • Field measure spaces to help build accurate floor plans.
  • Develop preliminary floor plans from field notes, programming requirements, and input from customers or Account Managers.
  • Meet with team, customers, and other designers to review preliminary floor plans and
    validate design intent.
  • Learn products to make recommendations to customers and field sales personnel.
  • Work with internal teams to take created specifications and move them to quotations.
  • Conduct specification checks to ensure accuracy in design and bill of materials.
  • Pull and select finish samples to make recommendations to customers and Account
  • Participate in collaborative meetings with sales, support, and operations to finalize
    project work for customer presentation.
  • Prepare final plans and bill of materials using CET and other computer software.
  • Prepare comprehensive installation plans for use by operations at customer installations.
  • Attend on-site meetings during installation as required by customers.
  • Attend showroom training sessions conducted by Steelcase and other vendors.
  • Organizing and maintaining the finish library in the design department.
  • Keep up to date on ADA and building codes to ensure all plans meet the necessary

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Designs completed within specified team deadlines.
  • Errors in specifications held within targeted margin.
  • Pro-active assistance of other teams when available.
  • Follow ADA and life safety codes in relation to furniture space plans.

Policies and Procedures:

  • Save all work on the design server so any team member can access it. If working
    remotely, be sure to upload design work by the end of the day.
  • Follow file saving and drawing standards created by design department.
  • Keep red light green light current and save a PDF of previous weeks on the design drive.
  • Reach out to design leader when design help is needed. They will use red light green light to determine who is available.
  • Spec check all work for accuracy before sending BOM to Sales Assists.
  • Complete install drawings at least 10 days before the scheduled installation date to ensure the team has time to review and ask questions.
  • Check all work for compliance with ADA and building codes.

Work from Home Policies:

  • It is advantageous for the purposes of focused work to have the ability to work from
    home on a limited basis. It is more advantageous to work from the Professional Office
    due to the teaming nature of the Designer role, and for growth and collaboration.
    Designers are authorized to work from home for these purposes one day per week. This should not be a Monday or a Friday. A second day may be approved by request from the Design Leader. The Designer should communicate with their team when they will be working from home. It is important to maintain regular work hours and be available for calls, emails, and meetings as needed. Save all design work on the server at the end of the day.

Key Attributes:

  • A problem-solving, pro-active mentality.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with multiple personality styles.
  • A growth mindset. Everything is a chance to learn and get better.
  • A steady demeanor. Not too high, not too low.

For more information, please reach out to TJ Decker at or 480-718-6148